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Mathematics, Science, and Technology
Accelerated MathBy Advantage Learning Systems
This math program generates assignments tailored to each student, gives immediate, individualized feedback, shows mistakes each student makes, and how you can help correct them.
Target Users: Elementary, Intermediate, Commencement, Grades 1-12

AutoCadBy DeskCad
A general purpose computer aided design and drafting software package. It provides the functions of a graphic editing system with attached database
Target Users:   Commencement, Middle - Adult

AutoCAD LTBy AutoDesk
An entry-level computer-aided drawing program.
Target Users:   Commencement, Middle - Adult

Geometers SketchpadBy Key Curriculum Press
Useful for constructing geometrical figures and exploring geometrical properties. Can also be used to explore algebra, trigonometry, calculus, art and science.
Target Users:    Grades 5 - Adult

Gizmos By Explorelearning
ExploreLearning offers a catalog of modular, interactive simulations in math and science for teachers and students in grades 6-12.
Target User: Grades 6-12

MathcadBy Math Soft
Performs technical and business calculations. Ability to integrate text, math, and graphics.
Target Users:    High School

Pasco ProductsBy Pasco
A series of technology integrated products and bundles in various science areas. Titles include PASPort, ScienceWorkshop, and DataStudio.
Target Users:  Intermediate, Commencement, Middle - High School

Personal Science LabBy Team Labs
Focuses on learning through hands-on investigations using a variety of probes.
Target Users:  Intermediate, Commencement, Middle - High School

SolidWorksBy SolidWorks
A 3D mechanical design software program which automates the process of capturing and modifying design intent.
Target Users:   Commencement, High School

STAR MathBy Advantage Learning Systems
You can instantly determine placement levels for all students, and accurately forecast outcomes on tests.
Target Users: Elementary, Intermediate, Commencement, Grades 3-12

TI-SmartView  Emulator Software by Texas Instruments
By Texas Instruments
The TI-SmartView emulator is a demonstration tool for leading the classroom instruction of math and science concepts. Based on the TI-84 Plus family of graphing calculators (compatible with the TI-83 Plus family), the TI-SmartView emulator complements classroom calculator use by displaying an interactive representation of the calculator.

Tom Snyder Graph ClubBy Tom Snyder Productions
Make graphs easy to create and understand!
Target Users: Elementary,   Grades K-4

Vernier Software/ProbesBy Vernier
A series of science programs and equipment to enhance the secondary science curriculum.
Target Users:   Commencement, High School
Last Updated: 8/2/11
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